Zang Yao Yang Sheng Tang /Foot-Bath-Liquid / Item # HF020B

Zang Yao Yang Sheng Tang /Foot-Bath-Liquid / Item # HF020B
Item# HF020B
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Pure Tibetan- Hurb Bath Lotion

68ml per bag, 40 bag per box, 12 bag per case Tibet pure powder, factory direct sales, export standards

Ingredients: Made from non-polluted herbs from Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Tibet Chang Pu, Myrrh, RhodiolaShorthorned Epimedium HerbBarbary Wolfberry Fruit,Tibetan herbs of Acorus Calamus L., Commiphoramgrrha Englar, Rhodiola crenulata, Capsicum frutescensL. etc.

Benefits: Help to promote blood circulation for removing blood stasis; relieve rigidity of muscles and activate collaterals, prevent skin pain and itch.

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