HerbKing Special Efficacy/ herbal life supplements/GLYCODOWN/Item # HK018

HerbKing Special Efficacy/ herbal life supplements/GLYCODOWN/Item # HK018
Item# HK018
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Product Description

HerbKing Special Efficacy, herbal life supplements-HerbKing Herb

HK018 Glycodown


Radix Astragali, Radix Pseudostellariae, Pollen Pini, Radix Puerariae, Radix Rehmanniae Glutinosae, Radix Salviae Miltiorrhiae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong Folium Mori.

The Health Benefits:

Glucodown contains many active factors that can lower blood glucose. It can help repair and maintain pancreas function, and promote secretion of insulin. This formula can balance blood glucose level, also decrease the chance of diabetes complication. It can improve sugar tolerance level abnormality and sugar, lipid, and protein metabolism, and preventing and controlling complication from the basis. This is suitable to both types of diabetes patients, regardless of the medical history.

This is herbal dietary Supplement, 100% Natural Herb.

60 Capsules

Take 2 capsules 2 or 3 times daily with water.

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Made In USA