Acupuncture Stimulator Machine/ Electric Therapy‎/Acupuncture supplies/ Item# D-1

Acupuncture Stimulator Machine/ Electric Therapy‎/Acupuncture supplies/ Item# D-1
Item# D-1
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Product Description

Acupuncture stimulator, Pro-Power Massager,

Acupuncture Stimulator Machine KWD-808 II Item# D-1

1. 4 Outputs. Key benefit:Arthritis,Arthritis ,Back Pain ,Knee Pain ,Asthma ,Sporting Injuries ,Rheumatics ,Angina , Sinusitis ,Migraine.

2.808 II Acupuncture Machine is a new Acu-device, no needles, 4 channel pain killer

3.Having needleless acupuncture pulse electric therapy;Having the function of eletro-exercise;Music timing switch for medical treatment and voltmeter;Operating output protection device.

4.Having electro needle therapy; Pulse electromagnetic therapy;Replacement of hand massage 1 Year warranty

808-II Acupuncture machine multi-purpose health device is a new product that has been incorporated merits of kind both at home and abroad.

This 808 II Acupuncture Machine brings a new image to traditional acupuncture, the concept of no puncture, no needle with guaranteed therapeutic results. The unit is well equipped with reliable functions and easily operable.

The 808 II Acupuncture Machine output electrodes made from high-molecular electrically conducted materials are safe and comfortable to use. This device is extremely helpful in allowing doctors and home users to precisely repeat treatment.

Therefore, the 808 II Acupuncture Machine unit has been improved in functional capabilities to prevent any shortcomings which existed in earlier products. Having the body acu-point, Model 808I multi-purpose health Device is capable of performing a number of rapy forms such as needle less acupuncture, electro needle acupuncture, pulse electro-magnetic therapy, hand massage, electro-exercise etc..

The 808 II Acupuncture Machine has an indicator for sound and Luminescent state, a timing switch, a power voltmeter, a music device telling the therapy is over, and operating output protection.

Because of many advantages such as multi-function, beautiful appearance, easy operation and safety without any side-effect, the device is a necessary one for modern family, hospital and health center.

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